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CYTORA is a clinical stage stem cell company developing a new class of

medicines  based on a novel and transformative  patented
stem cell technology derived from unique

human Oral Mucosa Stem Cells (hOMSC)

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human Oral Mucosa Stem Cells

A unique phenomenon occurs in the mouth. 

Rapid Wound Healing compared to
other tissues.

No scars!  - Full regeneration.

Regeneration is not affected by age!

This pattern of wound healing is negligibly affected by diabetes. 

2 weeks later


Novel and Unique

Cytora’s patented and transformative platform stem cell technology is based on the discovery of a novel and unique stem cell population in the oral mucosa termed “human Oral Mucosa Stem Cells (hOMSC)”.


Under Clinical Development

Diabetic Wound Healing - Incurable Diabetic Foot Ulcer (IDFU) - Clinical Studies in Progress.

Central & Autonomic Nervous System - Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) - Clinical Studies in progress.

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Our Team

Highly qualified, deeply scientific team with years of research, patents and industry experience in the fields of biotechnology and stem cell therapy.

World renowned, expert scientific advisory board - Leading clinical experts in their respective fields.

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