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hOMSC Unique Properties
Derived from Central Nervous System

Taking origin from the embryonic brain (neural crest), hOMSC retain properties of neural crest stem cells

capable of supporting neural tissues and influencing neurodegenerative disease processes.

High expandability

A tiny biopsy of 4x3x2 mm hOMSC  from a healthy donor generates doses for millions of sick people, a prerequisite for the production of large batches for “off the shelf” products 

Potency & safety

A unique combination - hOMSC combine the high potency of primitive stem cells with a unique secretory repertoire combined with a high safety profile of  adult stem cells.

Efficient Reproducibility

hOMSC  expand extensively and retain their effectiveness during expansion. The reproducible process is done in a simple culture medium and with a  simple production process producing the same results across donors, irrespective of age or gender.

Negligible immunogenic properties

Naïve hOMSC do not elicit rejection after xenogeneic transplantation. Thus, allogeneic naïve hOMSC can be used for the production of “off the shelf products” for human use

platform technology suitability
Transformative Platform Technology

These unique properties and characteristics allow for the development of a platform technology for hOMSC oral mucosa stem cell to be utilized for multiple therapeutic indications.

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Exclusive & broad patent protection

Cytora is the only company that holds an exclusive license

for the production & commercialization of hOMSC


Our hOMSC technology platform including

the actual hOMSC, their production

and their use for any purpose  

are protected by approved patents worldwide.

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